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Steam Air Retort Technology

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This is where Neelkanth Engineers hopes to make a difference. One of the emerging innovations in the food processing industry is retort technology for preservation of food and beverages. This technology helps in preserving food, without adding any additives or preservatives, and increasing the shelf life of products by at least 18 months. This technology can be exploited to produce economic as well as strategic benefits. There are different varieties of retorts available in the world, but one of the most successful and cost-effective variant is the steam air retort. Steam retorts are perfect for processing food since it is an excellent medium for heat transfer. In these retorts there is a mixing of steam and air to induce an even pressured environment which would be suitable for processing pressure sensitive containers such as jars, pouches, cans, tins, plastic bottles etc. The steam air retort works by ensuring that the mixture of steam and air is mixed in a uniform way so as to ensure complete sterilization. To ensure this, Neelkanth Engineers have installed a rotating fan in their retort machines, which guarantees uniform mixing and circulation. The re-circulating fan also helps in maintaining the uniformity of temperature. Steam air retorts are energy efficient and in fact save energy, as the water can be re-used in the next batch and hence saving energy required for heating water.

So many companies invented so many things but intelligent and hard working company takes the innovation at new heights.

The Steam & Air process embodies Neelkanth Retorts (Autoclaves) continuous energy savings and environmental commitment!

Each Neelkanth Steam & Air retort (autoclave) is designed with the following features to reduce production costs and its environmental footprint:

  • - Fuel consumption reduction in comparison to any water based process
  • - Superior heat homogenity
  • - Process time improved.