How to work Steam Air Retort

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Process Cycle of Steam Air Retort

The process cycle starts after the door is closed and locked.

Venting / Temperature Come-up Phase

In our retort, steam is automatic injected and evenly distributed. The fan agitating air efficiently enables the circulation of uniform steam/air in the retort chamber, which guarantees the correct temperature during the holding period.

Cooling Phase

Cooling in the chamber is facilitated by re-circulated water, further cooled by the addition of fresh water. The re-circulated water comes from retained steam condensates, to which we add a certain amount of pre-cooling water. The addition of cold water is automatically and gradually obtained in order to eliminate the possibility of thermal shock and control temperature for ramping down. The electronic process controller maintains and monitors the temperature and pressure inside the retort chamber.

End of Cycle

On completion of the cooling phase the residual pressure is released. The end of a cycle signal assures the operator that the door can now be opened.


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