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We at Neelkanth Retorts are committed to developing food technology which meets the demands and challenges of the growing food industry. Market statistics and future trends of the world food packaging industry puts the global packaging market at over $600 million in 2010 and growing progressively each year. (Source: World Packaging organization). India is growing as an emerging packaging market. However, the Indian industry suffers from lack of innovation and investment in developing food technology. In our endeavor to bridge some of these gaps in the industry and provide it the required thrust to grow further, we at Neelkanth Retorts have developed the Steam Air Retort Machine, based on thermal process. We are committed to offering the best technology which responds to the needs of the food packaging industry for packaging all kinds of food and beverages.

Mr. A.K. Kohli of Neelkanth Retorts have started the manufacture Steam Air technology retorts in India following European retort (autoclave) technology which offers energy savings and efficient thermal processing.


Today we are one of Asia’s leading premium retorts manufacturer, proven by decades of experience in thermal processing and innovation and customer experience and feedback research. Efficiency, productivity, safety and trustworthy qualities are ingrained in the DNA of Neelkanth retorts.

Our team of experts will understand your requirements and provide the best solutions, tailored to your needs, taking you through the project right from the start and offer our exceptional services to you.