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Steam Air Retort / Autoclave/ Sterilizer, Full water immersion retort / Autoclave / Steriliser and Hot Water Cascading Retort / Autoclave / Steriliser come under the category of Counter Pressure Retort. Since it is inherent in the process that all air be evacuated from the retort by flooding the vessel with steam and allowing the air to escape through vent valves.

The Retort Pouches / tray are part of Food Processing Machinery. A Retort pouch is made of Plastic and Metal foil laminated pouch with 3 or 4 wide seals usually created by aseptic processing allowing for the Sterile packaging of a wide variety of drinks, that can range from water to fully cooked, thermo-stabilized meals such as Ready to Eat meals that can be eaten cold, warmed by submersing in Hot water or through the use of heater or microwave. In this Counter Pressure Retort food product which is first prepared (Raw or cooked) is sealed into a retort pouch. The pouch is then heated to 116C - 121C for several minutes (Depending on food recipes) under high counter pressure inside Retort / Autoclave.

The Counter Pressure Retort reliably kills all commonly occurring microorganisms (particularly clostridium botulinum) preventing it from spoiling. .

Therefore Shelf life of Retort products will be 12 months to 36 months in ambient conditions without refrigeration.

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