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Steam Air Retort / Autoclave/ Sterilizer, Full water immersion retort / Autoclave / Steriliser and Hot Water Cascading Retort / Autoclave / Steriliser are different forms of Food Processing Machines retort available.

A food processing machine works towards preservation of food, and thermal sterilization is the most widely available process.

A food processing machine for sterilization and preservation extends the shelf life of food products. A food processing machine is a unit/chamber where food and beverages are heated at high temperature and then held at that temperature for the time it takes to kill microorganisms. A sterile product does not contain any microorganisms. The process involved in the food processing machine includes preparing the food, filing the container/pouches, sealing of the container/pouches, placing the batch in the retort for adequate heat, and cooling of the container.

The Counter Pressure Retort reliably kills all commonly occurring microorganisms (particularly clostridium botulinum) preventing it from spoiling.

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