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Neelkanth Retorts brings to you 2100 SeriesR&D Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort: portable, cost-effective and energy efficient.

We bring another landmark innovation in the field of food processing. In our decades of experience in the industry, we have had first hand understanding of the various kinds of needs of different manufacturers or food processors based on their scale of production and requirement.

In order to cater to innovation and training needs of enterprises in the field of food and beverage processing, we bring our European technology-based food retort in compact form: the R&D Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort.

This R&D Steam Air Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort is manufactured for your training, innovations, educational and lab needs and is now available for the first time in India.

The R&D Steam Air Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort includes the (i) Retort body, (ii) Boiler, and (iii) Compressor.


Our 2100 Series R&D Steam Air Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort Sterilization system offers a range of processes. These easy-to-use and compact retorts can perform many commercial processes currently used in the industry such as Steam Air Sterilization, Hot Water Spray, Full Water immersion and Hot Water Cascading etc.

Our control software has been carefully developed by specialists and professional from the field of thermal processing, keeping in mind processing needs of cans, pouches, jars and bowls.

The control system is simply a down-sized version of bigger production retorts, so as to ensure that your experience on the R&D Steam Air Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retortduring trials and development, matches your experience with the full-size production retort.


Our R&D Retort is IS2825 coded and rated as per Bureau of Indian Standards (Equivalent to ASME Code). And the standard Neelkanth R&D 2100 Series Retort is constructed with Stainless Steel (SS 304), pressure rated to 70 psi, and includes a smooth and easy door when it comes to opening and closing.


The portability and compact designing of the2100 series saves floor space. Owning to its nature of use, the R&D Steam Air Retort, R AND D Retort, Pilot Retort, Mini Retort is easy to move, set-up and use. Cutting-edge designing which saves on space allows it to be maneuverer through doors for easy transport. The retort is stable and locked in position for operations. Post-use, the Retort can be stowed away.


Neelkanth Retorts are designed and manufactured by engineers and specialists who understand thermal processing in particular and machines in general. Our post-sale service and support of provided by the same skilled technicians who help build the Neelkanth 2100 seriesin India. We can also do troubleshooting remotely via VPN support system.


  • Easy to operate door
  • Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel
  • Easy / Quick-Connect to Utilities
  • Neelkanth NK Control SystemsRetort Controller for automated process control
  • Neelkanth Touch Screen Monitor to host, store and edit recipes and generate reports
  • Neelkanth FULL VIEW with user interface graphics
  • 24/7 support available by Neelkanth Engineers


The Neelkanth Touch Screen retort control system is as per the CE Regulations. It features automatic on-line deviation correction, retort log reporting, electronic signatures, multi-level security, alarm reporting, and optional Ball Formula process calculation.  The system is recipe driven, allowing the company’s process authority the greatest level of control over retort room operations.


The Neelkanth NK Control System has been developed by the thermal processing specialists, food scientists and food process professionals. This has been done to ensure that processing of products is as per food sterilization specifications and requirements.

The system uses a Touch Screen (Delta)that store product recipes.  The recipes provide for parameters to be adhered to, and any deviations from the same will be automatically corrected.


Neelkanth 2100 series, like its other products, are fully equipped with a range of reviewing options. Graphs are generated during the process which can be printed at a later stage thereby allowing an audit trail, there is per minute data logging which provides a quick review summary and history of the processes. Our NK Control System also offers secured and safe operator access and necessary restrictions.


The NK Control System is driven by pre-fed parameters. For every processing step, the parameters are configured in order to ensure full automation. Each processing step is defined the time of the process step. Our control system offers process flexibility to the operator in the event of the need to modulate temperature and pressure during the process itself.


This is available with new Neelkanth R&D retorts, R AND D retorts, Pilot Retorts, Mini Retorts.

Our Monitoring Touch Screen system kept the centralized data persistence allowing for scheduling of complete scheduling to retorts with

  • Upto 50 configurable recipes segments per process with segment editing features for user friendly recipes creation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting for batch logs, deviations alarms, recipes and Trends.
  • Security configurations with privileges explicitly assigned to each user.
  • All host transactions are tracked per user with transaction logs and reports created.
  • Multiple pens selected for trending critical factors of each batch process.
  • Process data can be archived for streamline retrievals with immediate centred access.

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